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Moon & Sixpence

Almost mad about the people in the story.



You take delight in vexing me.

期待大表哥那段⁽̨̡ ¨̮ ⁾̧̢⁽̨̡ ¨̮ ⁾̧̢⁽̨̡ ¨̮ ⁾̧̢

Scroll through the contacts on the screen and delete all the dispensable ones. That's how I deal with these trifles in a routine almost everyday. In addition, classifying all the documents and clearing the useless are also essential. Actually, I am not willing to do many things because of this hot summer. However, due to the summer, I couldn't quit struggling to gain what I want because everything is suffering from the hot weatger and still maintain vitality. What's more, the tv series are also enjoyable. "Being a man without ideal, what are the differences between you and salted fish." I don't want to be a salted fish. Hence I am supposed to have a clear thought of the distance between me and salted fish.

Thank goodness, Lofter is a virgin space to me. I can say what I think and want and have no need to care about other people's doubt and question.
Even though there are some evident grammatical errors. I am content with writing.

Six feet under screams but no one seems to hear a thing. Don't need seconds and minutes to forget the feeling.